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SCSI2SD v5.0c SCSI2SD v5.0c

SCSI2SD emulates a SCSI-I or SCSI-2 hard drive using a microSD memory card.

Price: $69.00
SCSI2SD V5.5 Powerbook Edition (2.5") SCSI2SD V5.5 Powerbook Edition (2.5")

An internal variant of SCSI2SD V5.5, suitable for use with Apple Macintosh PowerBook laptops.  This board replaces the 2.5" SCSI hard drive found in Apple PowerBook laptops.

SCSI2SD emulates a SCSI-2 hard drive using a micro-SD memory card. Each SCSI2SD purchase includes a fully assembled and tested circuit board, ready for use.

Price: $85.00

One SCSI2SD V5.2 adapter, with a 50 pin IDC male SCSI connector. The increased price for this limited manufacturing run of SCSI2SD V5.2 (late-2022) reflects much higher assembly and semiconductor costs due to ongoing global semiconductor shortages. We recommend our ZuluSCSI product line as a more-affordable, non-legacy solution.

Price: $99.00